Motto: Common Sense and Integrity

Mission Statement

The Patriot Party of Arizona was founded to give true constitutional conservatives a voice at the table of Liberty where we shall be heard. As we coalesce together, we shall create activism, hold all politicians accountable, promote constitutional conservative government and ensure the freedoms of our Country through leadership at the ground level.

Official Platform

America has become LOST. Our values and opportunities, our freedoms, our ability to worship freely in our religions, and even the protection and adherence to our Constitution has become compromised and abused by the government. The two predominant political parties are responsible for it. They have morphed into a giant singular “Uni-party” that fights within itself about insane trivialities, all at the American citizen’s expense. The Uni-party has become a “dog and pony” show of open division and with no concern for the American citizen. Our free enterprise system is being choked to a sad death by these two self-protecting parties that have no respect for, or adherence to, our Constitution. Huge multinational and gigantic domestic corporations, aided and abetted by the government, secretly strives to kill entrepreneurial small independent and local businesses, thereby enslaving us (U.S.) into a form of serfdom and servitude. These bad actors do so with impunity and, again, with no respect nor adherence to our Constitution or personal freedoms. Society is at a crossroads of concern, and citizens do not know whom to trust as our abused 1st amendment has become a protection of a media that lies and spreads propaganda as an accomplice to the destruction of our society. We watch the divisive leadership on both sides of the aisle lie, cheat, violate laws, and hide behind the curtain of “too big to be charged” as they destroy our right to life, liberty and ability to raise our families and the pursuit of happiness. The present two-party dominance CANNOT BE TRUSTED to correct their ways. they have lied to us (U.S.) for too long. This is a time for PATRIOTS. This is a time for the unification of ALL AMERICANS to rejoice in our capabilities, united together to protect and ensure that our freedom endures through the Constitution in its purest interpretation just as our Founding Fathers drafted it.  A time for everyone to again unite under the banner of the Red, White and Blue and what she represents to all of our citizens both here and abroad. 

THE Patriot Party shall stay true to the following:

A. We shall govern and our members shall strive to guide us with “common sense and integrity.”

B. We shall protect our Constitution & Arizona’s states’ rights. We believe in the precise verbiage of the 10th Amendment and the superiority of Article 6 paragraph 2 which gives the individual States the rights and guidance from the Constitution, not allowing a federal government to trample our rights. 

C. We believe that the 17th Amendment should be repealed and politicians forced to go back to representation of their constituents rather than be voices upon the world stage. 

D. The Patriot Party shall do everything in our power to protect our 2nd Amendment rights and believe that it was designed to protect our rights, families, and churches from a tyrannical government therefore, we shall be aggressive in opposing Federal overreach such as the National Firearm Act 

E. The Party will always push back against the abuses of the 1st amendment by exposing the lies of a compromised group of biased news organizations and social media platforms that are in the pockets of big tech, the rich and powerful that may seek to control free thoughts, free expressions, and reason through controlled manipulation and outright lies. The average citizen needs to know that their thoughts and opinions are free from artificial intelligence and manipulation in this ever-changing world.

F. We shall fight to provide an educational system that allows free choice for parents and any publicly funded school system must teach our children academic subject matter and critical thinking skills without ideological indoctrination. Our schools should be free of Federal mandates and be allowed to teach without Federal oversight. Arizona has a right to refuse federal school mandates on our educational system and the Federal Government should not be involved in education as it is a matter of the States. The school system has been saturated with single-issue unions and massive administrative overhead stealing funds from the classroom. Our schools have associations that are not even educational but promote radical Marxist ideology, which conflicts with traditional American values based on faith and the Constitution. Some notable examples of this are; the prevalence of the LGBTQ agenda, the normalizing of perversion in our schools, the rewriting of factual history, praising hate groups, and ingraining animosity toward our country. This foreign ideology brainwashes children with lies regarding history, sexuality, faith, and other concepts, many that come right out of the “Communist Manifeto”. There must be curriculum reform, and we support the idea of expanding apprenticeship policies in collaboration with industries and educational organizations to strengthen our workforce while offering children opportunities to express themselves in meaningful, rewarding careers of their choice. Schools must ensure that no less than 70% of all educational dollars actually gets to the classroom, the teachers and our children’s educations, instead of going to bloated administration, transportation or other items. Public education should provide a school curriculum focused on the principles founded within the US Constitution. The focus must be academic rigor and we OPPOSE expanding our education system to include medical and mental health services. We take a stance in support of the dismantling of the Federal Department of Education. Funding from the Federal Government should not dictate policies toward education in any manner. Arizona should seek redress for the dollars sent to the Federal Government for its share of the failed Federal Department of Education.  

G. The Patriot party recognizes that a country with no borders is NOT a Country at all and acknowledges that under Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution and with the 10th amendment, our State has a right and duty to protect our citizens and borders from the insanity of the federal policies that allow this invasion of illicit drugs which are killing our citizens. Arizona has a right to secure its borders and institute a state immigration policy compatible with Federal policy while controlling the invasions and drug freeways. Acknowledging that the Supreme Court has ruled immigration may be a federal issue, our State has to enforce our own borders in accordance with Federal immigration laws, but we can create a dignified IN-STATE guest worker program to welcome and control the tide of illegal invaders and thereby force the Federal government to enforce its own immigration laws.

H. We must refuse to participate in destroying our free enterprise system and push against the implications of federally approved banking rules on environmental, social and governmental (ESG) controls and discrimination. Our State should not assist in the dismantling of a successful free market system that will soon be forced into bankruptcy of the Federal government with the complicit aid and abetting of both the Republican and Democrat party’s leadership. The current humongous 9+ trillion-dollar debt that will enslave our children, grandchildren and beyond has been built by the present Uni-party. We recognize that “small businesses” are the backbone of our freedom and capitalism, and they should be free of many regulations and permitted to compete fairly with large monopolistic corporations.

I. Arizona has the duty to ensure that all Americans can, free of any government influence, worship by themselves, or with any other Americans, as one deems fit. And we recognize that the practice of our, or another’s faith or worship should never infringe on another’s God-given right.

J. Arizona has a right to dictate and protect the sanctity of its election laws. Elections should be held in the small precincts where the citizens are registered, held in one-day, performed in person, hand-counted, without electronics nor internet access, with mail-in ballots available only for those unable to make it to the polls such as the military, first responders, the elderly, sick, or disabled, if absentee ballots are requested, and that ample State funds must be dedicated to County personnel charged with running the elections. We believe that the current drive for a “pure” democracy, and not our representative republic form of government, constitutes a threat to minority rights, and finances by the mob majority of those voting. We also believe that an initiative process, when decided by direct popular vote, is pure democracy, and we should do all that we can to work through our Representative process as originally designed versus amending our State Constitution based upon a popular vote count which utilizes an untrusted election system. 

K. Arizona has a right to refuse unconstitutional federal mandates on medical issues pertinent to Citizen’s individual rights. Modern medical advancements do not circumvent human rights, and no government, at any level, under the United States Constitution can force vaccinations, or any other medical treatment, that is deemed unacceptable by any individual or individual’s caretaker. All medical decisions should be at the sole discretion of a medical patient or medical patient’s caretaker. There should never be any enforcement of medical passports or scorecards that prevent citizens from functioning in commerce, travel, participating in governance, or any other function of a free citizen, as we know all of our God-given rights are protected by the Constitution. We believe that the state legislature should repeal ARS 36-787, and ARS 26-307, which was used to enslave our citizens in the recent pandemic scare, and we admonish the Governor, City government officials, County Boards of Supervisors and other elected officials for the overreach and abuse of powers during the 2020 “state of emergency.”  

L. Arizona has the right to set its own life sustaining and protection rights policies, and we understand that all life is a God-given right that begins at conception and ends upon natural death. We shall oppose any acts that try to impose anything that limits or prevents peaceful human existence.

M. Arizona has a right to set term limits on federal offices of those representing us and should prevent any violation or the enforcement of any violation of our States’ Rights as outlined in the 10th Amendment. Arizona should work to repeal infringements on all Constitutional Amendments, including, but not limited to, the Federal Government’s failure to recognize that the Federal Government has taken powers unto itself that were not explicitly enumerated in the Constitution but reserved to the states in Article 6 and the 10th Amendment. Taxation should only be used for government functions’ minimal and necessary needs and not for social or civil issues. Any taxation beyond this is a form of theft. We must work to reduce or repeal taxes laid on our citizens by the collaboration of lobbyists and elected Democrat and Republican politicians. We believe there must be a way to sever the relationship of beholding to special interest lobbyists and support the expansion of “clean elections” policies, and that those over 70 years of age should be free from excessive real estate taxation on their primary residence, and not allowing the government to continually increase them. Confiscating one’s wealth to provide security for others in any form shall be abolished. 

N. Arizona has a right to refuse “green” policies, initiatives, and dictates forced by the federal government. Our state should be able to use carbon-based fuels as our citizens see fit. Arizona has a right to promote and protect entrepreneurial small businesses & regulate out-of-state massive multinational or domestic corporations that seek to do business within our borders.

0. The Patriot Party of Arizona recognizes the responsibility that we owe to serve our citizens and the acknowledgment of the help sometimes needed for the under-privileged poor and we support proper legislation to protect all of our citizens, the needy, the elderly, and the homeless by aiding them to achieve self-sufficiency and quality care. We need to provide proper funding, resources, and effort to support investigations into Arizona’s human-trafficking crimes and curb all of these abuses if they should arise. We should require work with welfare and drug tests for welfare recipients.

In summary we believe our State should be responsive to everyone’s individual liberties with an understanding of past egress on ability, opportunity and achievement, which held back equality because of the predominant two parties that have tried to stall, discriminate, divide and suppress our citizens. We believe that the nuclear family of a man and woman, as husband and wife, and as father and mother to their children, is best for developing and sustaining a civil society.

The Patriot Party through a common sense with integrity approach, will seek to bring forth the pinnacle of social fairness. There should be reasonable and responsible protections for everyone’s civil rights, and a fair and equal legal system, void of the protections for the rich and powerful. We should hold accountable those that may have attempted to steal and destroy with impunity while abusing our laws. The freedoms of America, which so many people still risk their lives to come to for protection under our umbrella, should never be abridged. We reject any attempts to pollute our laws and denounce and condemn Sharia Law. Only laws that can bind a free society together and create a civil society that is for everyone, equal in the application, and which apply to all citizens should be allowed. We recognize that there is but one law, not one for the rich and one for the poor. America must always hold accountable those parties and people that may try to cloud the blindfolded eyes of Lady Justice and tip the scales for some over others. We believe that even with all of our scabs, scars, warts and imperfections of the past, there is a brighter unified future we can look to, and that slavery, human trafficking, nor involuntary servitude should never exist in any place. We believe that even with the “Gordian” knots of the oppressive current two-party leadership that has argued, divided and abused, in some cases, the American greatness needlessly by their childish inability to have open dialogues and understandings, and that, in spite of the division, animosity and disagreement, we can bring back the meanings that were established in our original Declaration of Independence of 1776… 

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their safety and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly, all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

These great words are the backbone of a free society and shall be re-installed by a return of Arizona State’s individual states rights to the people of Arizona by the actions of the Patriot Party.

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