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See what’s on the Floor for Action.  Agendas for House & Senate. 

Agenda Items

Find specific Committees agenda.  Search House & Senate Committee’s. 

Bill Status

Know the Bill Number?
Look up it’s status.

Give Your Opinion

During committee reviews of bills your position is seen using Arizona’s RTS system.


Showing up in person at the polls on election day significantly reduces fraud.

You likely were automatically signed up for mail-in voting.

You can FIX this and protect your vote.


What District am i in? 
Who are my reps?

Tip: Enter your address.

Next click “My District Info” to displays: 

1). Federal (Congress)2). State (Senators, Representatives) 3). County (Board of Supervisors) 4). City / City Council 


contact my az reps? & Bill Status

Tip: With your district information in Step 2 (e.g. LD28), view your rep’s and contact info. 

Visual of Arizona Legislative Districts.


Follow the money
Your Reps 

Candidate and elected officials contributors and funding of election & bill disclosure.


Follow The money
Reps Connections

Review companies holding government contracts.  Look for family members.   

Lobbying Disclosure Tip: Look up companies elected officials, their spouses or families own. Use “client” field to see lobby money paid to the client. 

Arizona Primary 

Tuesday, August 6, 2024 Voting Day

Primary elections occur every two years, always in an even year. These elections may include U.S. Federal, Arizona Legislative, County, and local offices that are up for re-election. 

A primary election serves to narrow down each recognized political party’s candidates.

Vote In Person

Protect your vote by unregistering in Arizona’s AEVL automated system.  By voting on election day and in person it lowers the risk of tampering that mail in ballots provide. 

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